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Pure Water Technology

Our van mounted, pure water window cleaning technology offers you an unrivalled cleaning solution. It’s much safer for your property and delivers a sparkling, smear free shine every time.

How Does It Work?

Water direct from your tap is full of impurities which is why it leaves limescale marks on everything. We use a filtration process, known as reverse osmosis, to demineralise the water producing 100% laboratory graded pure water. Pure water leaves zero residues so the windows stay cleaner for longer and it dries leaving a sparkling, smear free shine every time.

This pure water is pumped from our on-board tank through a telescopic pole to our soft, nylon brush heads, cleaning all your glass, sills, frames and doors to a sparkling, spotless finish. This system offers the best cleaning you’ve ever seen.

  • Because our Pure Water Technology leaves no chemical residues, your windows stay cleaner for longer, giving you spotless, smear free glass weeks after your initial clean, even after bad weather.

  • Because the system is ladder-free, your property is protected against the damage ladder work can sometimes cause to tiles, flat roofs, guttering, lawns and flowerbeds.

  • All difficult to reach and previously inaccessible windows can be cleaned with safety and precision.

  • No use of detergents or chemicals makes this professional window cleaning system completely eco-friendly.

  • Because we clean from the safety of the ground, you get increased privacy because no-one can see through your bedroom windows.

Samuel James Window Cleaning

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